Final edit, October 2019.

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Sukebō in Tōkyō - Teaser

Final edit, August 2019.

Sukebō in Tōkyō

Final edit, June 2019.


Mistakes in Tokyo - Trailer

Final edit, February 2019.

Mistakes in Tokyo

Winner of Jury’s Award for Best Atmospheric Short Film at Wales International Film Festival 2019.

Final edit, February 2019.

Skate in Cuba

Final edit, August 2018.

Discover Maeda

Final edit, October 2017.

In Okinawa

Final edit, March 2017.

English Class

A short collection of observations from my time as a high school English teacher. Final edit, March 2017.

Hazel Cruzado

Her life and work. Final edit, February 2017.

Tokyo Gaijins - Shiga Kogen

Final edit, July 2018.

Game Jam, 2017 07 30

A game jam in Kyoto. Final edit, August 2017.


Experimental video, shot on a nostalgic trip to Kyoto. Final edit, August 2017.


In Japan. Final edit, May 2016.

Sayonara Kyoto

A goodbye to Kyoto. Final edit, August 2016.

Be Here Now

A winter in Japan. Final edit, April 2016.

Spirit - Rinaldo Wirz

An interview with Rinaldo Wirz about his game, Spirit. Final edit, December 2016.

Tokyo Gaijins - Christmas 2016

Final edit, February 2017.

A Kyoto Game Jam - 50 Hour Time Lapse

Final edit, April 2016.

Mount Mitake, Tokyo

Final edit, January 2017.


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